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I'm Krzysztof Przekwas, an IT enthusiast currently serving as the Branch Manager at Iver Poland's Software Development Department. I've worn multiple hats—former startup founder, software engineer, manager, serial entrepreneur, and public speaker. Occasionally, if our vibes align, I delve into personal and startup mentoring.

As a blogger, I share firsthand tips&triks, lessons learned, personal insights, and the latest discoveries. My interests span software development, management, IT infrastructures, psychology, and a bit of everything else.

Have an idea or project where I could lend a hand? Feel free to reach out!

Why Kristof and not Krzysztof, you ask?

Living with a Polish name in an international environment has its quirks. Having traversed the globe since my teenage years, I've encountered various attempts at pronouncing names—often resulting in interesting and amusing renditions. While I cherish every effort, 'Kristof' emerged as the easiest compromise, one I've grown to embrace as my own.


If you want to talk about anything, the easiest way to reach me is thru any social media platforms you find me on, starting with LinkedIn! Alternatively feel welcomed to write to przekwaskrzysiek**at**gmail.com